Egg Hunter Achievements In Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing is a popular mobile racing game that features hidden Easter eggs scattered across its colorful tracks. These exclusive eggs serve as collectibles, and players can unlock special achievements by finding them. 

The game offers a variety of unique locations, including Shark Harbor, Fiesta Village, and Mushroom Grotto. As players race through these vibrant environments, they must keep an eye out for hidden eggs to complete the Egg Hunter Achievement.

Egg Hunter Achievements In Beach Buggy Racing

The Egg Hunter achievement in Beach Buggy Racing is an exciting challenge that involves finding hidden Easter Eggs in the game. you need to find 10 Easter Eggs to unlock the Egg Hunter achievement. This achievement is worth 30 Gamerscore.

Shark Harbor

Follow the steps. This is the shortest way to find Egg Hunter achievement in the Shark Harbor map.

  1. About 3/4 of the way through the lap, look to your right; one of the buildings will have an opening.
  2. Enter that opening.
  3. Follow the path to the ramp, jump, and you’ll reach the Easter Egg on the roof.

Fiesta Village

Finding Easter Eggs in the Fiesta Village map is quite easy. Several jetties can be found along the shore in the first part of the map. Search for the jetty with the largest moored boat. Drive down carefully, and you’ll find the egg at the end.

Crab Cove

These steps help you to find the egg without any hardship.

  1. Just after the start of the race, go through the rock archway.
  2. After slowing down, turn left, and you’ll find the Egg sitting on the beach

Blizzard Vale

  1. Start the race and proceed until you reach the second set of power-ups.
  2. Look for a shortcut on the left.
  3. Some broken roads take some doing to get across safely.
  4. At the end of the shortcut, you’ll find a ramp.
  5. The egg will be right in the middle of the ramp.

Red Planet

  1. Start the race and proceed until you reach the first section where you have no gravity.
  2. Look to the far right, where the first shortcut is in the jumping section.
  3. The egg is located there.

Misty Marsh

Finding the Easter Egg is quite thrilling on Misty Marsh map. You start the race and proceed until you reach a giant stone ramp or jump, halfway around the track. Some boats are at the bottom of this jump on the left. You need to smash through these boats, and you will find the Egg waiting for you just in front.

Glacier Gulch

You start the race and proceed until you reach a bunch of tusks sticking out of the ice, halfway around the track. On the right side of the tusks, one stands out with a Penguin sitting on top. Slow down before it and angle the buggy up the tusk to knock the Penguin off. Once you do this, the Egg will be revealed.

Paradise Beach

You start the race and proceed until you reach the second section of the map where you find two wooden roads. You will notice a petite hut to your right in the second section. The Egg is located below and to the right of this hut, so you need to go off the track to get it.

Mushroom Grotto

  1. You start the race.
  2. Proceed until you reach the section where the cave opens up and you will see mushrooms. 
  3. The Egg is located to the far left, hidden behind a small rock.

Tiki Temple

Approximately halfway through the track, you’ll encounter a giant hall with lava surrounding it. As you enter the hall, slow down and look to your left. There, you’ll notice an altar with the Egg placed on it. To collect the Egg, you’ll need to hit the ramp that typically leads to a shortcut and time your landing just right to reach the altar.

Dino Jungle

  1. Easter Egg is located in a cave with a waterfall, which is about halfway around the track. 
  2. To reach the hidden tunnel, veer right and clear the green ramp. Make the jump to access the secret passage. 
  3. Exit this tunnel.
  4. You will find the egg there.

Death Bat Alley

After you cross the second powerups. You will find a shortcut on the left. you’ll encounter challenging, damaged roads that require skillful navigation to cross safely. At the end of the shortcut, there is a ramp and the egg is in the middle of the ramp.


  1. Easter Egg is located in the water tunnel early on. 
  2. Look for the giant orange fish not moving toward the ceiling. 
  3. Use 2 or 3 turbos or Rex’s turbo to get the egg hanging on the ceiling.

Fire and Ice

A large jump is present at the end of the Fire and Ice track. Drive slowly and drop off the ramp. After landing on the ground, move your car backward. The egg will be on the left-hand side of the ramp.

Spooky Shores

Midway through the map, you will find some jetties on the left. Move towards the last jetty and you will find the egg.

Final Verdict

You can find hidden Easter eggs on the tracks. These eggs are like secret treasures. If you discover 10 of them while racing, you unlock the Egg Hunter Achievement. Each track has its secrets waiting to be uncovered.

The Egg Hunter achievement lies at the heart of this challenge. To unlock it, players need to find a total of 10 Easter Eggs across the various tracks. Each egg represents a small victory, whether it’s tucked in a cave, perched on a waterfall, or cleverly concealed behind a rock, the hunt for these Easter eggs adds excitement to the game.


Easter Eggs are hidden items, you can find while driving around the levels. After you collect all ten eggs you will get a trophy.

Egg Hunter Achievement in Beach Buggy Racing is unlocked when you find a certain number of these hidden Easter Eggs

You need to find 10 Easter Eggs to complete the Egg Hunter Achievement.

Yes, there are visual guides and tutorials available online.