Strategy Guide and Cheats in Beach Buggy Racing | Tips & Tricks

Beach Buggy Racing, a popular racing game, offers a thrilling experience with its diverse tracks and unique power-ups, and this Strategy Guide and Cheats will help you master it all. Mastering the jump-start booster can provide an early lead, while strategic use of power-ups can significantly impact the race outcome. 

Each track presents unique challenges, requiring players to adapt their strategies. Gems, a valuable in-game currency, should be used judiciously to unlock drivers and achievements. Each driver possesses a unique ability that can be helpful during races. 

Players can earn awards & easter eggs for smashing certain objects, earn achievements like Egg Hunter by collecting Easter eggs, and replay races to earn extra coins. Upgrading top speed is a beneficial strategy. The game encourages a dynamic approach to power-up management. Practice and experience are key to mastering Beach Buggy Racing.

Strategy Guide and Cheats in Beach Buggy Racing

Master the Jump-Start Booster

Mastering the Jump-Start Booster in Beach Buggy Racing is a crucial strategy for gaining an early advantage. This technique, often overlooked by beginners, can be the difference between victory and defeat. 

The Jump-Start Booster in Beach Buggy Racing helps your car move forward quickly at the start of the race. This can help you get ahead of other cars right away. It’s important to use this boost at the right time. If you use it well, you can get a big lead in the race. 

But if you use it at the wrong time, you might fall behind. This strategy, combined with careful power-up usage, can significantly improve your performance.

How to Activate Jump Boost

  1. As the race starts, you’ll see a countdown: 3, 2, 1.
  2. Just after the “1” and before “GO” appear on the screen, tap the blue circle button at the top-left (the power button).
  3. If done correctly, your car will get a boost at the start of the race.

Harnessing the Power of Gems

Gems in Beach Buggy Racing are a valuable resource that can greatly enhance your gameplay. They can be used to unlock new drivers, each with unique abilities, and to purchase power-ups, giving you an edge in races. 

Gems can be earned through gameplay such as opening chests, the Star Tiki, special event chests, and mail rewards,  or can be purchased with real money. 

However, it’s important to use them wisely. Consider saving them for higher levels or more challenging races where the right power-up or driver can make a significant difference.

Beach Buggy Racing Cheats

Following are the beach buggy racing cheats that you can utilize against your opponents during game play:

Learning to Drive

Your car is always moving forward. You don’t need to worry about accelerating. Concentrate on steering to dodge obstacles and use brakes to manage your speed.

Driver Ability

Each driver in the game has a special ability that can give you an advantage in races. 

Smash Mouth Driving

You can earn extra points and rewards in the game by smashing into certain objects on the track. This can be a fun way to boost your score.

Replay Races

If you’re having trouble progressing in the game, don’t hesitate to replay earlier races. This can help you earn extra coins, which you can use to upgrade your car and improve your chances in tougher races.

Top Speed Upgrade

Upgrading your car’s top speed can be a good strategy if you’re unsure what to improve. A faster car can help you get ahead of your opponents and stay in the lead.

Manage Power-Ups

Power-ups can give you a temporary advantage in races, but not all power-ups are useful in every situation. If you have a power-up that isn’t helpful in your current position (like a boost when you’re already in the lead), use it to make room for a potentially more useful power-up.

Beach Buggy Racing Trophy Guide

Here are some unlockable in Beach Buggy Racing and how to unlock them.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
BeginnerEarn all the stars in Easy Street
ContenderEarn all the stars in Coconut Cup
CompetitorEarn all the stars in Sunshine Sprint
ProfessionalEarn all the stars in Chowder Bowl
ExpertEarn all the stars in Tropical Twist
ChampionEarn all the stars in Pineapple Punch
SuperheroEarn all the stars in Tidal Rush
LegendEarn all the stars in Typhoon Trophy
Car CollectorBuy 5 cars
Race TeamRecruit 5 drivers
Power HungryUnlock 10 Powerups
Special SauceDrive a car tuned by a Grease Monkey
Color TheoryPaint a car
Metric CenturyDrive 100km
One Million MetersDrive 1000km
Double DownDrive 2000km
The 1%Earn over 1,000,000 coins in your career
Gull HaterSmash 100 seagulls
Crab TerminatorSmash 40 crabs
Fire EaterSmash 20 lava monsters
GardenerSmash 500 palm trees
Skull Go BoomSmash 50 death bats
Cry of the YetiSmash 25 yeti
Unhappy FeetSmash 100 penguins
RecklessWin a 1000HP Race without using the brake
SkillzWin a 1000HP Race without resetting
Pure SpeedWin a Race without using a Powerup
Comebackon the last lap of a Race you can go from last to first place
Tastes Like ChickenWin with a chicken on your face
Egg FinderFind 1 Easter Egg
ChallengerBeat a Daily Challenge event
Super ChallengerBeat 7 Daily Challenges in a row
Egg HunterFind 10 Easter Eggs
Precision DrivingIn a Follow the Leader event score 25
Leap of FaithComplete successfully triple-jump shortcut in Death Bat Alley
Turtle PowerIn the one river crossing in Dino Jungle track, Bounce off three different turtles 
I’m in Your HeadUnder the Dyn-O-Mite effect, you can use Remote Control to detonate a car 
3-for-1With with one Death Bat Powerup you can take out three drivers 
Going, Going, GoneUse Earth Strike on an opponent who’s experiencing Low Gravity
I’m HelpingSet fire to an opponent who’s frozen
Really I’m HelpingFreeze an opponent who’s on fire
Long JumpJump 400 meters
DentistKnock the Tiki Temple’s teeth out
GiddyupDo a jump-start
I’ll Get ThatIn the Glacier Gulch, you can Knock the penguin off the mammoth tusk
SwitcherooTeleport B’Zorp to 1st place within 100m of the finish line
1-Time ChampWin one 1000 HP Championship
5-Time ChampWin five 1000 HP Championships
Achievements Table

Unlocking Drivers and Achievements

Unlocking drivers and achievements in Beach Buggy Racing enhances the gameplay experience. Each driver has a unique ability that can provide an edge in races. Drivers can be unlocked by winning one-on-one races against them.

Achievements, on the other hand, are unlocked by accomplishing specific tasks, such as earning all stars in a series or smashing a certain number of objects. These achievements not only provide a sense of accomplishment but also often come with rewards that can be used to further progress in the game.

Strategic Power-Ups and Their Impact

Power-ups are strategic tools that can significantly impact race outcomes. They provide temporary advantages such as speed boosts, shields, or offensive capabilities against opponents. 

Each power-up has a unique effect and using them strategically can turn the tide of a race. For instance, using a speed boost on a straight track section can help you take the lead, while a shield can protect you from opponents’ attacks. 

However, power-ups should be used judiciously as they are limited. Understanding the right time and situation to use each power-up is a key strategy for success in Beach Buggy Racing.

Track-Specific Strategies

Each track has unique features and challenges, requiring players to adapt their racing style accordingly. Sharp turns, jumps, and obstacles all require different approaches. For instance, on tracks with many sharp turns, maintaining control of the vehicle is more important than speed. 

On the other hand, on straight tracks, speed boosts and aggressive power-ups can be more effective. Understanding the layout and features of each track, and adjusting your strategy to match, is key to success in Beach Buggy Racing. Practice and experience on each track will help you develop these strategies.

Advanced Techniques for Expert Players

Advanced techniques in Beach Buggy Racing can give expert players an edge in races. These include mastering the timing of power-ups, understanding the CPU player behavior, exploiting track-specific shortcuts, and perfecting the art of drift turns for maintaining speed while navigating sharp corners. 

Additionally, understanding the unique abilities of each driver and strategically choosing the right driver for each race can make a significant difference. Expert players also learn to manage their resources wisely, investing in the most impactful car upgrades and power-ups. 


Mastering Beach Buggy Racing involves understanding the game’s unique features, from harnessing the power of gems to unlocking drivers and achievements. Strategic use of power-ups can significantly impact race outcomes, while track-specific strategies require players to adapt their racing style. Advanced techniques offer expert players an edge in races. 

The game also offers plenty of unlockable achievements that enhance the gameplay experience. With practice and experience, players can develop effective strategies and techniques to exert in the game. Remember, the key to success is understanding the mechanics and using them to your advantage.